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Our New Winter Menu

The Detox Challengehealth and wellbeing


Sign up for our next detox program. We prepare a custom menu of our pre-prepared food and supplements for the 28 days, freeing you of the stress and time required to take such a challenge. 

Next Detox Program- 28th July 2015

A detox is a great way to give your body the break in requires to kick start your metabolism and get you body back to its natural state of alkalinity


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Ordering and Pick up information

 Orders: You must put your order in by Thursday prior to delivery by 9pm

Pick up: Is on Monday's from 4.30-8.30pm

Delivery- Within 5km radius of Brisbane CBD ($10)

               Outside 5km radius of Brisbane CBD ($20)

Pick up locations: Iceworks 157 Given Terrace, Paddington QLD 4064

Salads & Frittata's: Have an expiry date of 4 days (eat them first!)

Meals: Stay fresh for up to 8 days

Our Guarantee

"I set up 'My Wellness Fix' to help people find an easy, cost-effective food solution. Our product saves you time, gets results and best of all we only use organically, locally sourced ingredients.

'My Wellness Fix' supplies you with portion controlled, alkaline balanced pre-prepared meals and supplements to get your body back to its natural state of alkalinity. 

The journey to nutrition and wellbeing begins with the source of energy we use to fuel the body. With our tasty selection of meals combined with the Seven Point Two Supplements we have you covered."